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Food fibers are like a "brush" that rubs and cleans the surface of the teeth as if our own body did a pre-brushing. They are recommended by both dentists and doctors, as they cleanse from the oral cavity to the gastrointestinal tract.

Although difficult to return to the original color, yes, this can happen, but nothing has to do with the quality of the technique. What happens is that with the passage of time, the practice of some habits can affect the results, such as food based on foods with dyes or lack of proper oral hygiene. For this, the professional gives the hint. "If the patient can keep his food healthy and follow the recommendations of the professional, the treatment can last up to 2 years," warns the dentist.

Lipstick can be considered in addition to a beauty item, as strengthened by the dentist. "The product can help protect the labia against the action of UVA and UVB rays, even preventing cancer of the mouth," he says. In addition, it helps identify various types of oral problems, such as changing the amount or quality of saliva. This can be observed, for example, in people who always stain their lipstick after using it, have you noticed? This is due to a change in saliva, because when it is normal, the saliva forms a protective film around the teeth, which prevents the appearance of blemishes.

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